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Course Testimonials

The Differences between Aussie Pilates(TM) and other Pilates:

  • Four specific breathing rules
  • The B-Line(R)
  • The Perfect Torso Posture(TM)
  • The CORe(TM)
  • Stable Spine(TM)
  • Golden Rules for teaching
  • Specific sequencing and cueing for teaching
  • The Stamina Stretch(TM) for increased lung capacity
  • The Safety Scales(TM)
  • Continual Feedback Assessment (CFA) for clients
  • The Exercise Formula (TM) for superior teaching
  • Lateral Core Control (LCC)


Floor Level 01

"(The course) was so professional and (the staff) so helpful. I am leaving this course with more confidence and the ambition to teach Pilates and build my career"
Kim Vahtrik,
March 2004

"I would recommend this course because of its high standards, 'scientific' background, precision and professionalism"
Karin Stephens, Physiotherapist - AIS, Cycling Australia

"Very Thorough. Explanations were accurate and knowledgeable."
Vanessa Lewis - Exercise Physiologist

"Valuable to any fitness instructor as it makes you think laterally about what's happeningin the body, along with (Allan) who is not only a Pilates Expert, but very knowledgeable on a range of related topics"
Chris van Maanen (BSc.Hons)
, Exercise Physiologist, Perth

"Highly informative and developes a whole new way of thinking - excellent course"
Katie-Jane Hewton, Exercise Physiology Student

"This course is much better (than others I have attended). the teacher was aware of how we were absorbing the information, then took us far, then further, but at the individuals capacity"
Helen Simmons, Pilates Instructor

"The course was very informative and has completely changed my way of thinking as far as how Pilates is taught"
Erika Broomhead, Pilates instructor from another style


"The information I received and the specific knowledge I gained in my one day course far exceeded that which I received in my entire Fundamantals 4 day course (through another company). I realize the difference between attending a course and simply receiving a certificate to teach and attending a course and becoming a highly trained and skilled professional."

Kerrie Coy, Adelaide

Reformer 1

"There are so many differences between (this and other) workshops that they can't possibly be compared. This was far superior, more essential information and has renewed my enthusiasm for the Pilates Method"
Jessica Valentine, Tasmania

"The Course offers greater depth of all aspects, theory, application and teaching practise"
Mary McArthur, Tasmania


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