Two Day Pilates Rehabilitation Techniques for Practitioners to confidently apply the exercise prespriction techniques for their patients.

Knowledge of the Pilates theory (from "The Pilates Theory Bible ", (e-Book) included in the course, is required prior to the workshop.

Also included are:

  • A Lower Back Pain DVD and
  • Workshop e-Manual to be brought to the course

    All attendees must be registerd practitoners, such as Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Doctors, Osteopaths, and allied health workers, eg occupational tharapists, etc.

The course covers all theory form a functional point of view for

  • breathing technique and its effects on exercising,
  • core control and how to effectively achieve it
  • muscle isolation techniques for rehabilitation
  • correct post acute exercise programming
  • progression of the exercises and how to achieve desired results

Dates & Locations:
To book a place on any of these workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth please visit our online shop BOOK HERE .
To organise a workshop for your company or a group of practitioners AT YOUR LOCATION, please email our Education Co-Ordinator. A minimum of 8 attendees is required in Metropolitan centres.

To Book Practitioner workshops where we have outside presenters, Please look at Practitioner Workshops

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