Australia's Pilates Pioneer and Master Teacher
Creator of Menezes Method


Allan Menezes was born and finished his schooling in Harare, Zimbabwe. He was a school record holder in athletics and represented his school and province in various track and field events. After school he went to the Albion, NY, USA as an exchange student where he broke school records in track and field and came 3rd in the Western New York State Championships. He then went to the UK to complete a degree equivalent in Travel and Tourism. After this he moved to Canada to complete a Business degree and then on to the University of Surry to complete a Masters of Science as well as achieve a Graduate Certificate from the British Institute of Marketing.
During this study time Allan took part in many sports in track and field as well as captaining at College Volleyball, Basketball and University Rugby.
While studying in Canada (1979-1982), Allan injured his back in a rugby game.  For the following two years Menezes attended almost every different practitioner he could think of who would have some hope of alleviating the pain without any luck.

1982:    First discovered Pilates in London in 1982. He trained at the Alan  Herdman  Studios in London
. Alan Herdman is one of the Master Teachers of the Method who introduced Pilates into the UK. Menezes is probably the first top level athlete to train as a Pilates instructor as most instructors up to this point came from a ballet background.
1986:    Menezes establishes the first Pilates studio in the southern hemisphere with the Body Control Pilates Studios in  Sydney, Australia, using his Athletic Pilates™ System.
1992:     Became a founding member of the Institute for the Pilates Method of Santa Fé, New Mexico USA, (now the PhyscalMind Institute) and one of two non-Americans on its Education Advisory Board. Successfully completed the Institute’s Pilates Teacher Training Program.
Also on the initial working Committee to establish the APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association).
After setting up 2 more Sydney studios, established the first true franchise of a Pilates studio with branches in Sydney and  Wellington, New Zealand.
1996:   Founded the Pilates Institute of Australasia to cater for the growing demand for quality training and to provide accredited workshops and courses in the Pilates Method. This was the only Pilates training available in the Australia at the time.
1998:     Pioneer of the Gyrotonics* Method in Australia, Trained in New York.
1999:     Wrote the bestseller,  “The Complete Guide to the Pilates Method”. This book is a basis of, not only specifics in  Pilates movement, but also for physical rehabilitation. The book was used by the Institute for the Pilates Method (USA) and the Pilates Institute UK (no connection) as a manual for their Trainee Instructors. It was also used as an exercise prescription manual for the Degree course in Osteopathy at the University of Western Sydney.
1999:     Produced 5 Videos on the Pilates Method
Selected to write the modules for the Floor and Reformer for the Fitness Industry by SRTA (Sports Recreation Training Australia). The book ( Complete Guide) is published in the USA in 2000. Developing the Revolution Reformer® - a new design in Pilates Reformers
2004: “The Complete Guide to Joseph H. Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. From back pain to muscle conditioning” 2nd Edition Published in the USA.
2005:    Produced 13 DVDs on Pilates including Pilates equipment. The largest range of Pilates DVDs by any Australian  company
2009:     “Complete Guide” published in Spanish.
2010:      Opened a new studio in Chatswood, NSW specializing on personal Pilates training for back, neck and other conditions as well as ballet and elite athletes.

Allan also lectures and presents papers nationally and internationally (Sports Medicine Conference, Gotenburg May 2007. Body Mind Expo, California April 2010). He also conducts workshops and instructor training courses worldwide.

Menezes has also worked with Weight Watchers Australia,  Flora Margarine, Clarins and other companies to produce Pilates DVDs and materials for promotional purposes. He has also trained the gym staff in Menezes Pilates on site at the Hilton Maldives Spa and Resort, Army Fitness Instructors and Rugby League Strength and Conditioning coaches amongst others.

Allan is considered one of the most innovative thinkers in Pilates today, constantly modifying and enhancing the method to make it more effective and safer for people around the world.Allan has created many new movements and exercises, including the Menezes Position - a revolutionary new idea in greater abdominal connection.
Menezes' innovative style is such a common sense approach for today's sedentary population and growing back and neck pain market, that the style of Pilates he has now created is so different from the rest of the world, he has decided to name it THE MENEZES METHOD.
A new book, "The MENEZES METHOD" will be available in 2014.

Allan lives in Sydney, Australia.

*Gyrotonic is a registered Trademark of the Gyrotonic Corp USA